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  Welcome to Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines 







2 large lots 1 in Belmont and 1 in St. Hillaire

20000 sq ft land in Carriacou, low price!




Lagoon 42 TPI for sale at an incredible low price $130000!!!
Privilege 482 catamaran for sale
Low price: $265000!!!
Privilege 39 catamaran
Gone sailing to pacific

Hotel sold


You may have come to the right place! Apparently you are making quite an effort at accomplishing your dreams and living them...

Let us introduce you to Bequia: a tropical Caribbean island located at 61° west longitude and 13° north latitude. Bequia is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It is a small island (about ten square miles) but it has everything you're looking for. Beautiful beaches, stunning views, crystal clear waters. A diverse, friendly population, plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, even minor nightlife. Modern electricity and telecommunication facilities, excellent infrastructure. All this while retaining a typically Caribbean "island style".

Who are we: a group of friends that did what you're now planning to do. We've been living here for an average of 23 years. Remember, this is an island, population only 7000, and we're a very social bunch. This means we know everybody in Bequia, word of mouth is the major source of information here.

We know what is for sale, what's reasonable, what's a great deal! We are not a real estate agency but we'll facilitate the processes of finding a property, acquiring it, negotiations, permits etc. In short we'll help you avoid the frustrations of various possible pitfalls: unsolved ownership disputes, boundary disputes, non existing deeds and so on. We'll make sure the selected properties are legitimate, so you can start experiencing "island style" in a more charming way .

Since we all work with yachts as well, we have now expanded the site a bit to also offer yachts for sale, all of them ready to go sailing!

Of course you'll want to check out the place before you decide to make it your (semi) permanent residence. Visit our partners for your tailor made vacation package. Includes links to villas, hotels and even sailing charter yachts to explore your future surroundings.

Welcome to your own piece of Paradise!

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