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Beautiful Sailing Yacht for sale


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You have a dream of sailing all over the world and you may have found the right place to realize it. Finally her owners put Atlantis up for sale. Please take a moment to review her and see if this suits you.

We'd like to be honest about this one: it will be love on first sight, so we won't rant and rave about her, just give you the facts below.

The hull has been built in 1978 of corten steel. The boatyard used to build freighters, so the construction of the yacht is quite solid to say the least. 8 mm frames are only a foot apart. Steel plates of the hull are 6 mm (1/4inch) thick. A recent survey by an oil rig surveyor proves the state of the hull to be in excellent condition.

Design is a one off by Sutherland, she has the classic dimensions of 16x4x2 meters, full keel, double-ender. It is a bit imposing when she gets hauled out, you'll have plenty of excuses to stop working for a while as everybody will want to talk to you! Pictures say more than words, so here she is. To build only the hull from scratch would cost you $300000 already!

So why do they want to sell now??? OK, here is the story: Owner and his wife have built her up from scratch. They bought the hull with masts in 1986, at that time the yacht was empty. Then they spent three years building the interior with the help of a true wood craftsman. Once it was finished they lived on the yacht in Holland (actually spend even the winter in that cold place) and took her sailing throughout Europe on their vacations. In 1991 they decided on taking an indefinite leave of absence, started sailing and ended up in the Windward Islands (Caribbean). Of course money came to an end, and they started a successful charter business out of Bequia. If you have run a business for more than 10 years you know how they feel now, that is the reason....They will miss her and are looking for an owner that takes the same loving care of her as they did.

Reduced to 130k (USD)

Contact them at: syatlantis@caribsurf.com

Contact us: info@bequiaproperties.com